Could I Have This Dance, The Rest of My Life

Saturday night we danced the night away. Had a lovely time at the dinner dance for the Rangers’ Golf & Soccer Club. It’s about the only time we get to see the “Scottish” gang – Nat’s brother and sister-in-law and their friends and relations. We always have a great laugh, a good meal and a nice dance afterwards.

The band this year didn’t exactly play the “good ‘ole rock ‘n roll” stuff – they were a bit more up-to-date with their repertoire and some were a bit disappointed. Scott Nielson and his band, who the Rangers normally hire, had another gig at the Casino and for some reason didn’t let the Rangers know soon enough. So for a last minute booking, the band they did hire wasn’t all that bad. Couldn’t blame Scott – a better gig is a better gig!

Jim Young was his usual self and giving everyone a hard time about “not winning anything”, but then again neither did Nat nor John this year. So our table walked away empty handed for the first time in a wee while.

Tomorrow night we’re going to hit Casino Niagara for our anniversary and see what their buffet dinner is like. Upon doing a little research the Sheraton Fallsview has changed their buffet restaurant into a steak house – so that kind of deflated that idea and we had to go to Plan B. The receptionist on the phone gave Nat and I a good tip on checking into the Casino so we wouldn’t have to wait too long – and we’re thankful for that. All these great meals so close together – feels like we’re getting ready to hibernate!

Today Nat and I spent the day putterin’ around. He finished cleaning up the yard and putting the air-conditioner to bed for the season. I got the laundry done and did a little cleaning and a little packing. On the whole we both feel like we accomplished something. Well fed and happy – can’t ask for much more than that!


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