It’s Carved In Stone Now!

The deal is now carved in stone. The Ridgeway house is now officially ours, after having removed all conditions on Tuesday. The only thing remaining was for the new furnace to be installed and Nat was over to the house all day today, with the furnace guys, getting that done.

We thought the whole thing would only take a couple of hours, but naturally there is always some little glitch. Poor Nat ended up spending his whole day over there, trying to kill time while the contractors did their jobs. He hadn’t even planned for lunch as he didn’t think he’d be there that long. But he managed to slip out to get something. He also had a better chance to get to know the present owner. Apparently he chatted her up quite well, and got some good stuff. The furnace is now installed – a good one, too – and now we’re all happy campers.

While Nat was gone I managed to get caught up on some book work, also organized manuals, etc. that can stay with this house, and then even did a little more archiving. Nat didn’t get home until after 4:00 pm so we just put burgers on and had a quick supper. He’s now downstairs getting caught up on the daily news and I guess I’ll head that way too. I’ve forgotten what it was like to stare at a computer monitor all day – and I do mean all day. I only took a break to get the mail, get my lunch and take a wee pee!! Well, not really a “wee” one – this new kidney can give me some pretty good output!!!

Enough said – I’m going to put my feet up and have a piece of chocolate cake for tea break. As Red Skelton would say, “Good Night and God Bless“.

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