What A Warm & Fuzzy Feeling!

And what did you do with your time yesterday?” Well, let me tell you!! Nat and I had the privilege of sitting in our van, in a parking spot in downtown Ridgeway for an hour or so and observing what actually goes on in this small town. Some go to the Post Office, some picked up Chinese food to go, some went to the Dollar Store, some were just walking their dogs, while others did the Drug Store thing. All fine and dandy and we were both remarking what a warm and fuzzy feeling that was. The small town life was definitely what we were going to enjoy.

Actually, we were killing time, waiting for another furnace company to come to the new house and give us an estimate. We had arrived in town for the 2:00 pm appointment (which was right on time), had a nice gab fest with that representative, but then the second company apparently was having a busy day and their agent was unable to make it right on time. So we had to kill time, and after doing the Wal-Mart thing in Fort Erie (along with picking up a couple of items we really didn’t need right away) we wandered downtown. If you know Ridgeway at all, it only takes 10 minutes to do both sides of the street. As it was now starting to drizzle rain a little, we decided to just sit in the van and wait for the cell to ring letting us know that their guy was on his way. I’m sure some local residents thought we were casing the joint – we were getting strange stares. They obviously knew there were strangers in town!!

So it all worked out for the best. Got our two estimates, and we also had time to measure the windows, and have a nice little chat with the present owner. She brought us up-to-date on the garbage day, the Friendship Trail, the golf course and anything else we wanted to know.

By now it was past our supper time (yes, we eat on British time), we were both really hungry, and as the hockey game was slated to start at 7:00, we just decided to slip over to Swiss Chalet for a meal. Turned out we hit the place right on time – the chicken was really tender and nice and the fries were perfect!!

Today, we made our final decision as to which furnace to go with, made the requisite call and set things in motion. Obviously the busy season for the furnace companies, but as the present owner was told not to turn on the furnace, we were given priority and will have the new one put in on Thursday. Works for us!!!!

Not exactly an expense we needed up front, but we both knew that it had to be done sooner or later. We were hoping for later, but we can’t have everything go our way. We at least were given control over the whole process and we were more than pleased about that. Plus the present owner has been very good about reimbursing some of this.

Then our real estate agent was by this afternoon to have us sign the amending agreement to remove all conditions and let the present owner know she can turn that sign around for the “Sold” portion. Was a little weird sitting in her driveway at one point and looking at the For Sale sign still sitting there advertising that it was listed under a “New Price”. So we were glad to get our final end of the bargain sign, sealed and delivered.

So the past couple of days have been busy. Even for a couple of retired folks, we managed to do two or three things in one day, got a lot accomplished and a huge amount of stress taken off of Nat’s shoulders. Man oh man, that man can worry days, weeks and months in advance. Just amazes me. I deal with a lot of things as they turn up – sometimes to a fault – but I can’t get excited about something that may or may not happen. Nat was so stressed out he had a constant headache and even I was getting worried. So now, hopefully, things will settle down. Now he can worry about where to put his new shed when he gets one in the spring!!!

He’s going across the river for gas in the morning. I’ll get a bit more of those fancy, dancy dishes packed that we won’t be using, plus get the back-up on the computers up-to-date. Remember to always, always back-up people!!!! Then Nat will be off to Ridgeway Thursday morning for the furnace installation. Again, another “guy thing” that doesn’t need me.

Also have Diabetes coming next week for a small pick-up. Should take the time to sort through anything else and save me some packing!!

After this week, I think Nat and I are looking forward to the Golf Banquet on Saturday night and then a nice enjoyable Anniversary dinner at the Fallsview. Thirteen years – and still lovin’ that man of mine.

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