Looking For A Frazzle-Free Move – Yeah, Right!!

The weekend saw Nat and I doing the usual chores – groceries and the like. Saturday was especially quiet, as we’re kind of “in the beginning” phase of our move and not a whole lot we can do right now. I’ve managed to get a lot of our specialty dishes wrapped. Really sure we’re not going to do any formal entertaining for a little while – so I’m pretty safe in that department. Also had no idea how much we had until I started to wrap the darn stuff.

We’re also beginning to feel that some of the packing supplies will cost us more than the bloody move. We took a trip down to the office supply store and picked up a couple of containers to store our record albums in. Again, didn’t realize how many records we had until you start to sort them out. Plus they’re heavy buggers when you start to pack them. But we got them organized and put away, all ready to be shipped out. The containers didn’t turn out to be very expensive, and we’ll be able to use them again, but it really does start to add up.

We’ve at least started the process – the more you do in the beginning, the less you have to do in the end!! Otherwise, we’re aiming for a “frazzle-free” day. Yeah, like that’s going to happen!!!!

Sunday was another quiet day. Nat was doing the Sunday crosswords, while I was getting caught up on some computer work. It’s days like that we enjoy. He gets stuck on the crosswords and I’ll look it up online, I get stuck on the computer and we’ll end up doing the crosswords together. Tit for Tat!! Plus we topped it all off with a beautiful pork tenderloin supper. Yummmmm. Kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, doesn’t it??

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