Please Doc, I’m Beggin’ Here!!

And now for something completely different” to quote Monty Python (I think). My semi-annual check-up with the good Dr. Broski was A-1. So I’m good to go for another wee while. I did do one thing, however, to the poor man – I practically begged him to get me off of the prednisone. I exaggerated just a tad and explained that I took a trip to Regina with three sisters and they threatened to leave me in the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, because I was being such a B#*%*&. Then getting back to the truth I told him how the heat was unbearable for me, that I was struggling with my walking despite the fact I was going out early, early mornings, and that I was still continuing with my bouts of depression. Plus (and this one we both knew) the prednisone was counter-acting any weight I did manage to loose.

He, naturally, turned the tables on me and asked if I was willing to endure more frequent blood tests, closer scrutiny and visits with him and the like, because of the possible rejection. That slowed me down a little and as I sat on the examining table deep in thought, I tried very quickly to weigh the pros and cons. My thinking process not being as quick as it use to be, I think the Doc could see that my brain was spinning in its cavity and I was unsure which way to go. Hmmmm!!!

So, being the good Doc that he is, he came up with another solution. I’m sitting there thinking, hmmmm, another pill to take to counter-act the pill I’m trying to get rid of , maybe?? But no, he’s much better than that. So with some discussions back and forth, some more information to retain, some paperwork on his part, and a little extra blood work we’ve come up with a possible solution and will give it a go for a few months. I’ll check in with him after Christmas to see where we stand. So everyone cross their fingers, toes and whatever else is hanging loose!!!!!

The rest of the day was now on an upbeat note. Came up with a new project and have got it started – not telling about this one, as sometimes I understand one or two relatives might be reading this. But it’s a goody!!!!!

Have also started packing. Now I’m really ready to move and Nat and I want to go NOW. But we’re not anxious or impatient people!!! It’s nice that there’s not all that much to do, as the moving company will just wrap blankets around most of the furniture, pick it up, load it up and truck it on down the road. So that makes my life a lot easier. I just have to worry about the breakable stuff, secure the jiggly stuff and batten down the hatches when the time comes. I can deal with that!!!

So we’re off to Ridgeway on Monday – do a little measuring, do a little calculating, do even more calculating – as there is always something that pops up in the end that you never see coming!!!! Plus the furnace estimates are being done at the same time. Things are rollin’ now ….

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