It’s All Relative – But The Food Was Good

Good food, good friends and family, good times. Good Thanksgiving. Did I mention good food? Man, that bird was worth the wait. It remained juicy to the last mouthful. Plus my mini apple pie tarts worked out pretty good – for a first time try. Got the recipe from Ricardo and Friends from the Food Network. Easy enough to make, but as it had to be done closer to dessert time, it got a little tricky. Timing was an all out effort – but it worked – and it went over pretty good, if I do say so myself. If my son-in-law has seconds, it has to be good!!! 

All in all we had a nice dinner – but, as usual, Nat and I really don’t remember eating it. So, we repeated the meal tonight, with leftovers. Worked for me!!!

On the “house front” – we’ve been told that the furnace needs to be replaced. The company the Vendor got in to look at it, did not recommend “fixing” the one that’s there. Whatever was wrong, they said that it was a cheap furnace and that it may not last that much longer. So, long story short (again!) we’re hoping she’ll meet us half way in getting a new one. We’ll hopefully know more tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed. We both know now that we should have had that inspection done way sooner than we did – then we would have had some leverage before our house was actually sold. Can’t look back – too little, too late!!

So Nat and I are going to bite the bullet, get some estimates and see what goes up the old chimney!!!

After putting our feet up this morning – recovering from the past two hectic days – we started to do a little packing this afternoon. I packed up some of our collectibles and Nat chopped wood that he wants to get rid of. A little bit here, a little bit there!!! It’s all relative. So we’ll keep chugging away – that little train really did eventually make it up that hill – at least I’ve been told. Growing up, however, I soon learned that some fairy stories really are just that!!!!!


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