Oops, There’s A Leg Missing!!

Turkey’s done!!! God, it’s killing me. The aroma in the house is wonderful. We decided to do the bird (not the finger kind!!) a day ahead to save time, heat and tension. My family all knows I have to work alone in the kitchen and when Nat and I get together in there, it can get ugly!! So by doing the bird a day ahead, we only have to contend with the potatos and veggies – and that’s a cinch. That little routine we have down pat, from Sunday suppers.

The bird it sitting on the counter resting, letting the juices run back in and it’s all golden brown on top and moist and wonderful inside. So we’re having “Egg & Chips” for supper – how sad is that with a 20 pound bird on the table!!!! Nat may wake up in the morning and find it has a leg missing – ya think?? Anyone who reads this and tells is a dead man!!! 

Also set the tables today. A big one (big kids) and a little one (little kids). Some traditions just don’t change, do they? But the kids enjoy their own table, as they can chit chat away and we won’t disturb them, if they won’t disturb us. All works out quite well.

Still haven’t heard back from the owner of our prospective house in Ridgeway about the furnace. Suppose we won’t hear now until after Thanksgiving. It’s killing Nat – not knowing which way she’s going to go. But her agent did impress upon her that it was not an unreasonable request to at least get the furnaced fixed properly. Here’s hoping she’s a reasonable person.

So here’s to a Happy Thanksgiving! Now, start your engines for the commencement of Christmas shopping !! God Bless us everyone.


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