My God, Those Apples Are Good!

Had a great time at the Ball’s Falls Craft Show this morning. Tagged along with Claudia, Darby, Thamazine and Zoe. Bought another little Tea Pot Fairy for my collection from Bonnie’s Obsessions. She just lives around the corner and down the street from me, but I have to travel far and wide to the Craft Shows to see her new wares. We always have a great chat when we see each other and I’m looking forward to going to the Broadway Gardens Show to see if I can sneak another one into my collection. Also purchased the requisite candy apples. Not worth doing a Fall craft show without getting a great crunchy, mouth-watering MacIntosh apple all coated in sweet red candy – that would just be sinful!!!

Got the biggest kick out of Zoe – she’s going to be a born shopper – and also knows how to work that charm!! Couldn’t resist getting her a little plague with her name on it, all in glitter, along with a little something for “Sid” (her kitten). She was so good going with us old gals!!

Well, while I was out spending Nat’s pension, he was over at the new house hanging around while the Inspector was doing his thing. Long story short – naturally a few little tweaks and adjustments – but the major thing is the furnace. Apparently there is a part that doesn’t seem to be the right one, and when you turn the furnace on, it just dwindles out. So we’re hoping the present owner will spring for a proper fix. As we had the inspection done, after we sold our house, it may be that we’ll have to fix the problem. Hopefully her agent will impress upon her that we at least deserve a proper working furnace. We’ll know more when we see our agent – who, by the way is having her own problems!!!!

As an aside – our agent had her dog “do the splits” (all 4 legs, if you can believe it) and had to have surgery, and then she lost her Blackberry while at the Casino last night. Turns out the idiot thief called her making obscene phone calls, so the police set up a sting. Our agent called her Blackberry and offered to buy it back for a couple hundred bucks and, naturally, when she went to meet up with him the police stepped in. She got her Blackberry back and the goof ball is in jail. That’ll teach him!!!

So the rest of the afternoon was spent discussing what we’ll do and try not to do with the new house. More tweaks than we anticipated, but it’ll certainly keep us out of trouble for some time.

Also had a nice surprise visit from our former Vietnamese neighbour, Juan, late this afternoon. He and his wife were “Boat People” during the Vietnamese War, landed in Vancouver, and then met each other while residing in Canada. They certainly have harrowing and yet interesting stories to tell. We sure miss them as neighbours – they’re so friendly and will do anything for you. He was telling us that they are going back to Saigon for Christmas. Her father is 88 and not doing well. Their son, however, won’t go – no computer games, no computers, no friends, etc. So we wished him a great trip and we’ll try and stop by before we leave town.

Can only hope the people around us in the new neighbourhood are just as nice!

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