Where Do We Go From Here??

It’s now official – our little nest is sold. All conditions were removed yesterday and all systems “Go”. We were here for the Purchaser’s inspector, along with the Purchaser and her agent, and things seemed to have gone pretty good. The new owner is a single mom, with 3 kids (not 2 like last reported), works in the moving industry and gets her kids every other week. Her kids are ages 10, 8 and 4 – so that should add to the Halloween count on the Street. We think our neighbour Nick will be pleased – she’s kind of cute! 

So now we have our inspection for our new little nest tomorrow morning. Nat and I will be going over there shortly after he gets started. Nat, naturally, has a few questions regarding the sump pump – never having had one before, he wants to know all he can. Me, I’m just going to be nosy and have a second look. Going to take the camera to snap away, if I can. Want to get pictures of that living room window for draperies, and the like. Keep trying to also place furniture around, so I want to confirm some of my “thoughts”.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Nat ended up falling asleep in his chair after the hockey game and during the Fifth Estate last night – for a good hour – so I can tell he was relieved about this inspection. After living here for 28 years, it becomes your baby, I suppose, and you naturally don’t want to hear any bad news. Plus we really didn’t want to spend any more money on the place, if we didn’t have to. So it all worked out and some of the stress is now off.

Plus, during the hockey game, I made pretty good headway on the archiving again. Been away from it too long and I’d really like to get it done now. Otherwise, with the way things are going it may not be until next year that I get it done. But I’m so close now you could spit. Please don’t, however, makes for a messy computer monitor!!!

So now the fun begins ….


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