Everything That’s Hot Blows!

North, East, South and West today. To the north end to drop off a CD and magazine at the Irwin Home. Off to the west side to L’Escoffier for an oven thermometer – but alas they were closed for inventory. Down to Home Outfitters to grab one. Then (kind of) to the east end – downtown – to give Michele her copy of the Regina CD photos and naturally a wee chat. Then back down south and home. Exaggerated a bit about the north, east, south and west – but what the hell, it works for me!!!

Our oven thermometer decided to give up the ghost during the cooking of our pork tenderloin last night. Looks like the chord has a short in it, and as we will definitely need one for Thanksgiving supper, we thought it best to get one now before our little brains forgot about it and it would be too late. Knowing the two of us, the turkey would be dressed and ready to put in the oven and we’d look at each other wondering why we didn’t get a new thermometer!! So it’s best to just do it while you’re thinking about it. ‘Nough said!!

Before that our new dryer blew a fuse. Right in the middle of Nat trying to hang up the new bathroom mirror. Really blew that sucker, too!!!! We figured it must have been on it’s last legs, as it’s never been changed. Not the regular kind, naturally, so Nat had to run down to the hardware store to get the new one (plus an extra) and get it changed. Can’t have wrinkly clothes – that would just be wrong!!!!

Also dropped off a box of photographs and albums to Michele’s on Sunday morn. I won’t be archiving those and it was best to return them rather than move them to Ridgeway when we go and then have to bring them all the way back here. Plus I had organized her photographs into photo boxes, and cleaned up her CD picture collection. She in turn gave me some more letters between Mom and Dad that she had found. Gail’s got the bulk of them and is organizing those. When ready, I’m hoping to get them archived along with the photos.

It was a real hoot quickly reading some of those letters. I put each one in a clear protector and in a binder, in their proper order. The ones by Mom seem to be photocopies – so I’m hoping Gail has the originals. But if not, then at least we’ve got copies, which is better than nothing.

Our inspector is going to check out our new place on Friday. Naturally Nat is wondering ahead of time about what might be found there and even here, tomorrow. Que sera sera. Will deal with it as best we can. Me being the positive thinker – he being the negative thinker – we kind of cancel each other out. Now that’s a scary thought – someone actually canceling you out!!!!

Amongst all of this I managed to get some Peanut Butter cookies baked for Thanksgiving. Going to ruin the inspector’s day tomorrow morning and try to get some Oatmeal cookies baked. Multi-tasking – yeah, that’s the ticket!!


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