Elvis Lives!

Family gathering Friday night for Bridget’s birthday. She finally received her fish. Mom and Dad got her one special fish along with it’s special fish bowl. Apparently this kind of fish has to be alone – as they eat other fish and if you put a mirror in front of it, it goes a little wrangy. Never heard of this, but apparently it’s big among the kids. Lucas and Bridget couldn’t wait to get a mirror to see what would happen!!!! Couldn’t help but laugh, despite the fact that it was kind of just mean, but hey, they’re 10 year olds – they like that kind of stuff. Along with her fish, she received from Papa Nat and Nana the “Elvis Comeback Special” DVD. She was ever so pleased. Apparently she still loves the guy. We happened upon it in Florida, so we picked it up and stored it away until her birthday. I keep forgetting I’ve got little goodies hidden in Nat’s closet!!

All in all she was pleased and we had a nice time.

Felicia is still enjoying French Immersion School. She’s excelling in track – won a couple of red ribbons this past week. Stands to reason, as all of a sudden she’s shot up and is getting to be all legs, like her sister and father. The soccer games have been helping to keep her legs strong. She beams from ear to ear when she tells us what’s she been up to. Papa Nat and I couldn’t be prouder.

The usual Sunday morning chores – laundry, wash van, mow lawn, do a little dusting, and so on. It’s funny now that whenever we do something major, we’re thinking it will or may be for the last time in this place. Planning to have the kids over for Thanksgiving – and sure enough it will be the last one held in this old house. Sorry, we didn’t know that Christmas past (2006) would have been our last one, too.

With the house inspection on Tuesday, Nat is wondering whether to play golf or not. Might as well, as not much he can do here. But knowing Nat, he’s dying to know what this guy is going to report on. I’d be curious too. We’ll find out soon enough, I’m sure. Sometimes, however, ignorance is bliss.


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