You Can Take Me Dancing Now, Dear

So the shopping yesterday was good!!! Found 3 sweaters and a purse. Really love the purse – it’s the first one in a long time that doesn’t drop off my shoulders!!! Included in the sweaters was a nice black one for our golf banquet in October. Has a black and white scarf threaded through the trim around the top and along with my black pants and red shoes I should be dressy enough. A lot of those Scottish women like to put their formal gowns on for this dinner, so there have been some years I felt a little under-dressed. This is the one dinner Nat and I enjoy each year. It’s like old home week for him and it’s our one chance to go dancing. Nat says he’s not a dancer, but he can swirl me around the dance floor anytime!!

This afternoon we took that dreaded trip to Wal-Mart. Had to find an inexpensive mirror to replace the one that Shawn made for our downstairs bathroom. Got real lucky and found an oval mirror with a polished silver frame. Looks expensive (but only $40.00) – so hopefully if the new owner doesn’t remember the original mirror there – this one should look just as good!!!

We’re now officially excited. The new purchaser has her inspector coming here on Tuesday, we’re getting our inspection ready for the end of the week and things are starting to roll. Nat and I both said we were anxious to get packing. We’d love to move up the closing date(s) – so we’ll have to check that out with everyone to see how they feel.

We’ve also been checking out drapery, area rugs and shower curtains. Nat’s very good about all of this and is surprising me in some of his tastes. We’re both on the same page most of the time – and we all know that can only be a good thing!!!

Doing the fish and chips tonight. Haven’t been in awhile and will have to tell Sherry we may not be seeing her as often. But that being the best “Chippy” in the Region, we may just make the extra effort. Can’t beat a good fish supper!! Can’t really say if the Fort Erie area is known for its restaurants and we may have to change our Saturday night habit. Bummer!!!

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