That Wasn’t Funny

The three amigos are off to the wood show this morning. Somehow I managed to get up earlier than usual, probably because I heard Nat leave. I won’t know what to do with all of these “morning” hours now. So I just may take a quiet jaunt over to the Pen Centre, as I haven’t been there in a long time. Sometimes its nice just to have a quiet look around on your own.

Received an email yesterday that I think I shouldn’t have! Some people forget that when they respond to a “group” email, that the whole “group” gets the response. As this one contained a remark about me, I’m pretty certain I shouldn’t have received it. But I did and there you have it. Now it’s up to me to deal with it, as I know that remark is true, but only because it’s a side effect from my prescriptions. I know I was bad on our trip west, as it’s constantly on my mind, along with a gazillion other things. and trying to control them all is a real challenge. God, Dr. Broski is going to have a long list to deal with in October. I can only hope he can intervene before my visit to St. Joseph’s. I’m now officially getting tired of being someone I’m not.

Stress is now getting to me – buying a home, selling a home, doctors’ appointments (not knowing what may be in store) and trying to keep up with daily chores. I’m only glad the open house was canceled this weekend – don’t think I could clean one more time. Now that’s a statement I thought I would never make!!!!

As for what I did yesterday – saw the Doc in Grimsby. Can’t help but notice those fabulous rocks on her fingers. Man she has great taste!!! So the check-up was good and I’ll just have to continue to deal with this little condition the rest of my life. No sweat – what’s one more pill added to the pile.

Think I’ll go shopping now!

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