The Three Amigos!

Received offer. Counter offered. Had counter offer accepted. Sold!!! Not bad for just being on the market 8 days, eh?? Mind you, the deal is still conditional on purchaser financing until October 3rd, but she’s been pre-approved apparently and it’s just a matter of crossing the “T’s” and dotting the “I’s”.

We understand she’s a single mom with two children – 8 and 10. This old house may see a bit more activity than it has seen in the past 20 years. Nat and I are now 95% relieved. Still have to see that removal of conditions form signed, sealed and delivered – on both sides – from new purchaser (our old house) and to other Vendor (our new house). Plus we’re still kind of in shock, as we keep thinking it’s all surreal and just a dream. I told Nat I would believe it once I start seeing boxes stacked up in the rooms.

We were also told that someone else might put in an offer if this one didn’t go through. So it was nice to know that we at least had a possible back-up. We’re happy, we got what we wanted for this home and it’s going to be used and lived in. We’re off to our own greener pastures for some peace and tranquility in our new little corner of the world and we’re looking forward to the new adventure.

Nat’s off to a Wood Show somewhere around the Woodstock area tomorrow with Nick and Norm. Just realized it – Nat, Nick, Norm – what are the odds??? Sounds like 3 buddies at “Cheer’s Bar”!!! Plus if you knew Nick and Norm, you’d really believe me about the Cheer’s Bar bit. These two are quite the pair when together. Norm helped Nick put up canopy in Nick’s back yard one Sunday afternoon and I’d never seen such a production. The two of them nattered away at each other about how to do what and when to do it, that I stood at the window for the longest time and listened. It was like two old roosters in the back yard competing for a hen’s attention!! So I hope Nat stays out of the way when the straw starts to fly!!! He’s been out with these two before and seems to have a good time, plus it will give him a break from all of this house business!! Plus he’s leaving me the van – cool!!!!

Have Bridget’s birthday party tomorrow night, too. She’s turning 10 and is getting to be taller than her older sister. She’s taking after her Dad – all legs. I’m anxious to see how Felicia and Bridget are also doing with their hair growing for Cancer. Apparently they were told it had to be down to the hip area – and both are so close now. I’ve told them Papa Nat and I would like to be there when they get it cut off, so we can show our support for their good efforts and cause. We’re very proud of the two of them!!


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