Happy Birthday, Bonnie

A belated note. We had a great time at Thamazine and Daryl’s on the 15th. It was Bonnie’s 60th birthday along with a get together to swap photos from our Regina trip. What has now become a tradition with us Rouse girls – we’ve been giving diamonds for the “Biggie Birthdays”. The tradition started out by giving a necklace, but as there are a couple of us that have to be different – and I’m one of them – the tradition has veered a little lower on the body. So Bonnie received a gorgeous art deco style ring and I’ll probably get the earrings. But, of course, the day I turn 60 will be when donkeys can fly. I’m just not going that far!!!

Our nephew Zach is getting well into the ball hockey and has signed up for the next season. God love ‘im, he’s a hockey fan, and a Toronto Maple Leaf fan at that. Can’t ask for much more. Him and his mom have also been trying to catch the Ice Dogs’ games when they can. Nat and I are going to have to do the same, as it may be the closest we’ll ever get to seeing a “pro” team play. So, have a great season, Zach. Hope we get to see you play one of these days.

Zoe, his sister, is getting into piano. I’m so jealous, as I’ve always wanted to play but have been just too lazy to take the lessons. When she gets real good at it, maybe I can pay her to teach me a tune or two. Some may say I need to get more than a “tune or two”, but that’s another story. You go Zoe!

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