So, Are The Appliances Included?

Nat and I are now starting to feel a little displaced. The Open House on Sunday was a partial success – a few viewings but so far no takers. So we had to be out of the house from 2:30 to 4:00 (went to visit Shawn and Laura as they were home), then there was a viewing from 5:00 to 6:00 right after that (went to Swiss Chalet for supper). Now we have a viewing tonight from 7:00 to 8:00, two viewings tomorrow from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 7:00 to 8:00. No complaints, mind you, but it’s getting difficult to find a quick get away.

So if a certain sister and her daughter down the road happen to see two misplaced people sitting in their back yard I hope they won’t be alarmed. It’s just going to be us, trying to avoid people either being nosy or really taking an interest in the place. All reasonable offers duly accepted – PLEASE!!

Then there’s going to be another Open House this Sunday afternoon. Our agent thought it would be a good idea – who knew!!! So we’re going along with it. It will be a week on Tuesday that the house has been listed, but it feels like it’s been a month now. Nat and I are extremely anxious and somewhat impatient to get the conditions removed. We’re a couple of nervous nellies!!!

So now between viewings, Nat is playing golf on Tuesday, I’ve got a doctor’s appointment Thursday and Nat is off to the Wood Show somewhere around Guelph on Friday. At least I’ll have the Van on Friday to get away if needed. To be quite frank I’m exhausted and out of sorts. We’ve vacuumed more times than we can count, we’ve set up the patio and awning just as many times, and we’ve dusted just to be sure. This house is being cleaned so often it’s going to turn raw (as if you’ve over-washed your skin!). Plus it’s funny how you can tell someone has been in your house. The couple that came by last night obviously had a child. Little footprints and fingers on the couch upstairs, the pillows played with downstairs and the afghan was crumpled. Yes, I’m picky, but please people, hold your child’s hand or at least tell them it’s not their house.

We’re trying to keep up with our normal routine but it’s getting difficult. Having never been through this experience before, it’s very new and hard to adjust to. We’ve got other things to organize and think about – like Thanksgiving that we just realized is only a couple of weeks away, and then there’s Laura’s birthday coming up. So hopefully with a little aforethought and pre-planning we should be able to get through this.

So for our Sunday afternoon we had a nice visit with Shawn and Laura, Karly and Lucas. They’ve decided to go to Erie, PA to the outlet mall for Thanksgiving weekend. As the Canadian dollar is so good, they thought it would be perfect timing to get some pre-Christmas shopping done.  we’ve given them a little list (what we could think of anyways) and know they’ll have a great time. I know Karly is going to love the shoe stores. I’m only jealous Nat and I are not going.

They were also showing us the plague Lucas received for his baseball games and the MVP award he won. You can see he’s starting to mature from playing baseball and we’ve even noticed he’s getting a little taller. He’s obsessed with pitching, so they’ve enrolled him in pitching camp this year, as well as his regular baseball camp. We’re looking forward to another great season next year. He’s also going to do the Walk for Cancer through his school this year and will do it for his Aunt Paula.

Haven’t seen the Dagenais family in some time. Maybe we’ll hit on them this Sunday while the Open House is on – provided they’re home. If this keeps up we should be well caught up on family visiting on both sides of the fence!


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