Wipe Your Feet

The usual Saturday morning today, getting groceries and a couple of chores. Otherwise taking it easy as tomorrow we’ll be scurrying around getting our little nest ready for the Open House. We’ve been watching too many of those home shows on HGTV and we think we have to abide by most of those ideas. But today, as I got little sleep last night, I’m thinking to hell with it. The place is clean, organized and uncluttered so I’m thinking we’re good to go. Sure, I’ll do the little “staging” things, but other than that I hope anyone going through the place can visualize what they want. I may feel differently in the morning.

Will have to find someone in the family to bug tomorrow afternoon – Bonnie invited us over, but haven’t seen any of the grandkids in quite awhile either. I suppose it’ll be a coin toss as to whoever is home!!!

This whole house thing has gotten both Nat and I in a “mind set”. We’re both very anxious to get it sold so we can remove conditions on our new home, then I’m sure we’ll rest at ease and can start to pack with certainty. The movers have now been booked, the appliances researched and we’ve even been muddering over where to place that big screen TV and two recliner chairs !! We may be looking at selling the TV and perhaps buying a 43″ one. We’re still thinking and talking and thinking and talking. Man, this can make one very discombobulated – which frankly is nothing new for me.


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