My Bulky Binder

So far no news from the viewing yesterday. However, there’s another one tomorrow afternoon, so I’m still thinking the good thoughts. At least there’s early interest. There was also a van that did a real slow drive by while we were eating supper tonight. Nat was waiving him in while we were eating, but I guess the driver missed the signals!!! It wasn’t for a lack of trying, however!!

The “moving” chores have officially begun. Had a moving agent in today for a quote. They sound really efficient and good – so I’m thinking a little pricier than what we would like. However, the original owner was a client of Sullivan-Mahoney and Peter and I did the sale of the business. The agent told us he still pops in now and again. We’ll have to wait and see when the quote comes in and compare with others.

Also went to price dishwashers, gas stoves and another microwave. That was fun!!!!! Different versions from different stores. Kind of mind boggling when more than one is involved. With my memory I had to take notes so we could remember, and also to do our calculations for our moving and renovation expenses. I’m starting to feel like a secretary again with all of the paperwork that’s involved. “Little Miss Organizer” has a binder going. In my defense, I have to as there is so much to remember – To Dos – To Buy – To Fix – To Tell, etc. We won’t even go into the packing thing!!!

However we’re getting excited now with planning the colours of each room to paint, the new stuff we’ll be getting and a new quiet area to live. Nat’s going to get emotional about this home, however, as it’s been close to 30 years he’s lived here. Memories abound and I certainly understand that. But another new chapter begins and in order to proceed you have to turn the page.


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