Sold With No Questions Asked

Sweet little lady bought and picked up our old dresser and armoir on Saturday, so we did the Ikea trip yesterday. Bought two new dressers that we really love. Dark brown, sleek and modern. Only assembled the one for now and will do the second one up in our new home. Can’t wait. Going to look pretty sleek especially now that we’ll be able to set up a nice sitting area in our new bedroom.

Nat’s golfing this morning, hoping to get in as many games as he can before the “you know what” flies! He’s getting anxious about the new home and has a gazillion things and ideas going through his mind. At least the ball is now rolling – the For Sale sign is up – arranging for the movers – finding a few hundred boxes – getting change of address cards, and so on.

Also just received a call this morning for a “viewing” tomorrow. That’s pretty exciting to get one so soon, don’t you think! Plus Nat and I will have to get off our duffs and get the placed cleaned up for the open house on Sunday. I’m planning on baking bread in the morning, after all there’s nothing like the smell of home baked bread to give you that warm and inviting feeling – right??

So will take advantage of the quiet morning today and get caught up on a few things in the office. Still doing a few tweaks to the Regina Trip photos. Seem to have somehow lost or erased the one that Dalton took of me in the jail cell. Should be grateful that’s the only one that a went astray, I guess.

And away we go …..


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