The Little Guy’s Got Taste

To get caught up – Monday night we watched Felicia play soccer under the lights. A late game for the kids, but she was kind of excited as this was their first night game. They lost, but not for a lack of trying. Felicia came close a couple of times to scoring, but alas the visiting team was bigger and on a mission.

Tuesday – Nat had a golf game and I made great headway in the archiving. I’m so close to finishing now and I just want to stay put and get it done. It’s been a tedious job, a sometimes fun job, a sometimes puzzling job (quite a few photos not labeled or dated) and I know in the end it will be a rewarding job. My last challenge will be how to get some of the photos done that were put in those self-adhesive albums. May have to just take a picture of the page itself – but I’ll figure something out.

Also had the City here on Tuesday to finalize the driveway. It took 6-8 men to get the concrete poured, evened out, leveled out, swept and smoothened, but what the hell, they got the job done and Nat’s pleased we are that much closer to getting the van back into the garage.

Wednesday saw Nat with his usual golf game in the afternoon and I made even more headway with the archiving. In the morning I took a trip over to Michael’s. I took that “item” with me and met Bonnie in the parking lot. We had a good chat and I feel so bad that she’s having problems with the gift item for our trip. We can only keep our fingers crossed that it all works out in the wash!!

Today – Thursday – we took Lucas to Limeridge Mall for some shopping for school. What a great shopper he is for a boy!!! He needed new shoes and we went straight to Sport Chek. You could see him scanning the whole line of shoes for his size. Being a little short Papa Nat and I had to bring down some shoes off of the display shelves to show him – but he knew exactly what he was looking for. Found them, tried them on and bought them. A great pair of basketball shoes in white with red accents and red lining. He said he was getting tired of black and wanted a change!! Then on we went to Gap Kids and again he knew exactly where to go. Scanned the racks and counters – found a great T-shirt (with that inside-out look) that he loved, a great pair of fatique pants with leg pockets, a great matching brown long-sleeved polo shirt (for school pictures he informed us!!!) and off he went to the dressing room. Aside from going up a size in the pants everything fit and he ended up looking like one cool dude!!!!! Plus in the meantime, while Papa Nat was taking that big bag with the shoes in it to the van, we snuck into the EA Games store and he found a great game for his Game Cube. All this for a boy that does not like to shop for clothes!! I think, however, that he’s getting a little older and starting to get more self-conscious as to how he looks – but don’t tell him that!!!

We had lunch in the food court – even treated him to a Pepsi which can make him a bit bouncy – but then it was his day out with Papa Nat and Grandma Twila. On the way home, and since it was a little boring for him, he read the instructions for his new game and then played the game on my cell phone. Passed the time for him pretty good.

Papa Nat and I both thank Lucas for a nice time. He thanked us more times than we could count, was really good and we had a few laughs. Thanks, Lucas!!

Getting ready for the trip to Regina tomorrow. Got some running around to do in the morning (bank, groceries for Nat while I’m gone and the like) then I’ll get packed in the afternoon and do a little laundry. More of that multi-tasking I’m getting so good at. Will hopefully try to post a couple of days while I’m gone. Going to miss Nat a lot and will wonder what he’s up to most days!! He’s a big boy now and I guess you have to let them survive on their own now and again!!! Besides, he’s probably looking forward to some peace and quiet!!!


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