Fought The Good Fight !

Despite the great face, the Minors lost their championship game today. Lucas was a great sport and turned his cap inside out (like they’ve been doing), held his trophy high and posed for Grandma like the good sport that he his. Papa Nat and I are very proud of the games he’s played and how well he’s played them. This game was especially bad as his Coach dealt him a blow and pulled him early from pitching. Along with some other controversies, the Coach is in “Mudville’s” bad books this week, so Lucas has nothing to be ashamed of. He loves the game so much, does so well and we can only hope next season this Coach doesn’t move with this team.

That was about the excitement for our day today. Didn’t do the usual grocery thing, as the few items we needed could wait a day or two. We decided to clear out the dresser and armoir to get ready to sell. Going to replace them with one more up-to-date dresser or tall-boy. Took us a minute to find some nooks and crannies to put everything in, but we did it. I suppose now we’ll be tripping over each other every morning trying to remember where we put it all !! Nothing like a good trip or two !!!

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