One Dream Down The Tubes

Last few days have been hectic and disappointing. Put an offer in on a house in Port Colborne – our dream house. Couldn’t believe our luck. Even went all the way out there at 7:30 Monday night in case of a counter-offer and we could sign it back. Which, in fact, happened. It had everything we wanted – two car garage, main floor laundry, large dining room, small family room, hardwood floors, ceramic tiles in kitchen and laundry room, beautiful kitchen (including a pots and pan drawer). Everything on one level and just newly renovated. Naturally there was another offer already in (we were a couple days late in finding this place) and it was conditional on the sale of their home. After receipt of our offer they were given 48 hours to remove the condition. So we waited anxiously for 2 days, got no sleep and then while Nat was at his golf game, the word came in that this couple had removed the conditions despite the fact that their present house wasn’t selling. They were going to take the chance as they wanted this new home as bad as we did. Needless to say, Nat and I were devastated. Now when we look at other potential homes nothing is holding a candle to this one. I guess we’ll just have to shake it off and move along.

That’s kind of been our excitement for the past several days. Back and forth to Port Colborne and the Bank, but at least we now know we really like the area and will concentrate our efforts there.

Felicia’s team won their game on Sunday and she scored the first goal and also got an assist on another. Lucas’ baseball team also won their game on Monday, both of which we were unable to attend because of the ‘head spinning’ wheeling and dealing we were going through. Will go to Lucas’ game on Saturday and Felicia has one more in September, which we’ll go to also. It’s so nice to know that someone else out there is having better days!!!

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