Honey, There’s Stranger In The Driveway

Nat and I slept in on Saturday and by the time we awoke around 8:15 a.m., we discovered there were 2 women and a man in our driveway setting up a garage sale!!! We had actually forgot that this was the day Gail and Bonnie were going to use our driveway for such a purpose. Apparently they arrived well before 7:00 a.m. and we never heard a thing. So after my eyes were wide open, I set them up with some goodies – cookies and snacks – and then Nat and I did our usual errands. Groceries in the morning, did the lunch thing and then went to watch Felicia’s soccer tournament in Welland.

In between we stopped by the house and stayed in touch with how they were doing. By the end of the day it didn’t sound too, too bad. At least they made enough money to cover their expenses and then perhaps get half a tank of gas!!

Felicia’s soccer game was good. Apparently the night before Felicia scored the winning goal and was beaming with pride when she told us. The game we watched, however, was a different matter. They were so close – but lost by a couple goals.

Today we took a drive out to Port Colborne to check on a couple of houses we saw advertised. As luck would have it there was an open house down the street from one of them, but turns out it needs quite a bit of up-dating – a bit more than we’re willing to tackle. But it definitely had a lot of potential. Will keep trying. Then we came home to a beautiful turkey dinner and if I do say so on behalf of myself and Nat, it was delicious. Koodos to the cooks!!!

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