Which Way To Go

We thought Thursday was going to be quiet, but we were wrong. Spent the morning sorting out routes for Nat’s trip to Sundrim Golf Club for his tournament on September 1st and another stab at seeing which was the best way to go to Regina. It seems to be a continuing debate which is shorter – through the U.S. or up around and in between those Great Lakes of ours!

Gail and Bonnie said they would stop by in the afternoon. So I decided to at least get some cookie dough made and in the fridge. But as I was making good time I had them baked and in the freezer by the time they arrived. They had part of the gift ready for our nephew and was making the rounds to finalize it. I also had designed the card and received final approval – so everything’s a go. It’s going to look really great. They also brought Nat and I up-to-date on the schedule for the day’s events. Sounds like he’s going to be kept busy.

Really looking forward to this trip. Four sisters, six days, one motel room at night and the open road – what more can I say!!!!

Was also at Felicia’s soccer game last night and then she’s got tournaments on Saturday, so we’ll try to catch an afternoon game.

As for today, Nat and I had made a quick trip to his favourite place (NOT!!) – the Pen Centre – for a couple of items and now we’re just taking it easy and enjoying the nice weather today. Ahhhh, the good life!!!!

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