Too Hot for That!

Three guesses where Nat is today!! So I’m back to archiving as I can’t stall anymore. Been getting caught up, however, on all that little stuff – baked some bread, got some cleaning done, ironing is over with, etc. It did feel good to get some bread in the oven. We always miss it on Lasagna night. Now if I can just get some more cookies in the freezer I’d be a happy camper. Been a little too hot for that, as the oven is on much longer. So we’ll wait a day or two.

Those houses we went to see in Ridgeway on Sunday didn’t pan out. The one was really, really nice, in a perfect location, the perfect neighbours (all retired), nicely renovated and beautiful curb appeal – BUT it had no main floor laundry and the garage was a bit iffy. Would need some “tweaks” to suit Nat and I and we’re not willing at this point in time to do that much “tweaking”. We were both disappointed, but agreed we were going to stick to what we had planned. The second home was really a fixer-upper and yet looked pretty good outside. For the price they were asking, it wasn’t worth the effort. So near and yet so far!!!

Lucas’ team won their baseball game last night. They started to kick butt, and as always the opposing team came from behind and gave them a really good scare. Lucas scored the “safety” run and kept them two runs ahead to win it. You could see the pride in his eyes after the game – good job, Lucas! Papa Nat and I are looking forward to tonight’s game.

Felicia and Bridget are halfway into their camping trip. Hope they’re having a great time. Also hope their Mom is taking advantage of the quiet time and doing some good for herself! After all, everyone is worth a lot of love!!


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