Good God Dear, You’re Soaked!

Did the Price Club thing yesterday – that’s always exciting! Also spotted a couple of homes that really peaked our interest so we decided to go have a look today. They’re both around the Fort Erie area and they both really look nice. One has really peaked our interest so we’ve booked a viewing. Keeping fingers crossed it has what’s on our wish list!!

Nat came home from his Wednesday golf game just soaked. Was a real scorcher – but he’s going again on Saturday. Has another tournament. He had a pretty good game on Wednesday, so we can only hope he keeps the streak going. Also hope it’s not as hot as it was Wednesday. I could almost see through his shirt – it was that wet!!

Susan, Felicia and Bridget also dropped by at noon today. They’re having a week off and enjoying things. The two girls were showing us their WebKinz they’ve started to collect. Sounds like they’re having fun. Felicia and Bridget are going to get their hair trimmed. They’re both growing their hair for Cancer wigs and right now the growing is at a stand still – so they’re hoping a trim will give it another good growth spurt. Can never go wrong with a good growth spurt!!!!


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