Is That Your Daughter?

Karly and I went shopping in Hamilton yesterday. Had a great time and she’s definitely a shopper. She knows her style and what she likes and looks good on her. I felt like a “wee granny”, however, walking beside her, she’s getting so tall. Plus I had a great complement from a clerk when she said “your daughter”. How cool was that!!! Stupid me, however, had to correct her – duh!!!

Nat was left at home, alone without a vehicle. He said he wasn’t too bored, as he had intended to take it easy that day. He had a golf game this past Monday and as it was pretty hot out there, he came home really exhausted, so I think he was getting caught up on just relaxing. Then he was out golfing again this afternoon, so I guess he’s back in the groove. Plus he’s playing in a tournament this Saturday!!

Managed to get some blueberry muffins baked this morning. Gave some to Darby, as she lost one of hers from Harvest Barn!!! Thinking she’s got a “Muffin Muncher” hiding in the house??? She’ll be thinking mine are kind of psychodelic, as the blueberries tend to bleed when I blend them in as carefully as I can. Going to have to research that one. Anyway, hope she enjoys them – there’s always more if she wants. I’m always giving cookies to the little ones, but sometimes the bigger “kids” miss out.


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