A Good Giggle & Forgiveness

Had a great time at Tyler’s 21st birthday yesterday. It was so nice to have a few giggles with Bonnie and Gail – and giggles we had, but my lips are sealed, Bonnie, like I promised!!!
Tyler was pleased with the cufflinks that his Aunts and Uncles gave him, and he even agreed there are some pretty ugly ones out there. He also received tickets to a Rugby game in Toronto and was really thrilled with that.
The little ones had a great time, as always, doing the Silly String thing, and I got some good pics. It also looks like Zoe is into animals, as she was having fun poking through the neighbour’s fence and trying to pet their little dog.
My apologies to Gail and Claudia, however. Having brought up the Regina trip at an inappropriate time, and as I get a “little excited” when I’m at family gatherings, I shouldn’t have been that loud and that excitable. Poor Claudia was trying to get the desserts organized and I’m yammering on about which way we should go. I think between Gail and Claudia they both wanted to really tell me “which way to go”. But hopefully they understand and they’ll forgive!!
The food was good, the company was (as always) great and a good time was had by all.

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