I’ve Got Everything I Need

Bonnie and I had a nice day today. Got Dalton’s gift all ready to go – really pleased with what’s happening in that department and I’m sure everyone else will like it. I’m also getting anxious for the trip to Regina. About due for a nice week away from home. But will worry about Nat, naturally, despite the fact that he’s lived on his own before I came along. Still, he’s my main squeeze and is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Guess I’m turning into a bit of a geek – the main list I have going for our trip is all my tech stuff – the laptop, the camera, the DVD player, the iPod, the Cell, the Nintendo DS, and accessories, games and movies!! Also have an extensive list on the go to get the laptop up and running – have to update anti-spyware programs, etc. as they haven’t been done in several months now. So use to the Mac and not having to worry about all that crap. But at least it will be handy for the trip and keeping in touch with Nat via email or Cell. Have a great idea for sending him home some videos of the trip that I plan to take with the camera. ope the laptop can handle it – but we’ll soon find out. If I get gutsy I may post some of the video on this blog. I’m anxious to see if I can do it or not.

Tried out another blog on Word Press, but had great difficulty trying to set it up and getting posts up and running. It’s a nice program but I had difficulty and as I get frustrated very easily these days, I took it down a few days later. Would really like to get the family into having a main blog site where we can all go to check on who’s doing what, what event is coming up and just general family info and notes. Will have to get the “Girls” into the social networking thing sooner or later. I really think a family blog would have been useful while Dalton was training in Regina – Gail who get’s most of his emails, could have just posted them on the blog and then anyone else could have checked in and kept up with what he was doing. I only just found out today from Bonnie that he’s got his posting already – Fort McMurray. Now, there’s a fun place!!!!!! He certainly won’t be bored there!!!


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