Oh God, The Kids Are Back!

Had Susan, Tom, Felicia and Bridget for supper yesterday. We hadn’t seen them since their trip to Disney World and were anxious to see the girls and all of the pictures we knew Susan would take. So we had hamburgers on the BBQ and sat outside where it was more relaxing. Worked it so we had no dishes to do, which always pleases me!!

Had a great time and Susan (true to form) had some great photos and plenty of them. Bridget really enjoyed the surprise trip to Graceland and yes, Susan, even managed to get pictures of inside, albeit a little shaky – as she had trouble with her camera. But they were fun to look at and it was fun hearing the kids tell of their adventures.

Felicia and Bridget really love those roller coasters and giggle every time they reminisce about them. Frankly there’s not enough money in the world to get me on a roller coaster – so I admire their gumption!

Also had a slight problem with the air-conditioner yesterday. Discovered water on the laundry room floor and after some careful scanning, found there were drips coming from the water pipes on the air- conditioner. Long story short, Nat and Nick are going to divert the water pipes to where they should have been put in the first place!! Just another piddly little job – and luckily we found it in time or we could have had a half decent flood down there !!

Since the old toe is a lot better, I’m at least getting some house work done today and again, like someone famous always says “That’s A Good Thing”.

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