Can’t Stop Lovin’ That Man of Mine!

Baked cookies today – got some chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin baked. Felt good to finally get something going again. I’ve been mucking about on the computer lately and have neglected my baking.

I’ve been playing around with a Facebook page and having fun doing it. Getting started, however, does take a bit of your time, but once it’s set up, it feels pretty good. It looks like it may be a good place just to keep in touch with some people – provided they’re doing the same thing!! But you never know, some stranger from my past may show up one of these years!! I have to admit I’m curious as to who is doing what and where they are now from high school.

It’s been a good rainy day today, along with a little sunshine, so the garden and lawn got a good soaking. It only stands to reason – after all Nat watered the flowers last night!!! Plus he even took a side trip to Mom and Dad’s grave site yesterday on his way home from Stoney Creek, to water the geraniums – bless his heart!!! Can’t stop lovin’ that man of mine!!!


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