I’ll Call You

Well, I made the final decision and purchased a cell phone. It kept coming into my mind to get one, especially for our Regina trip, and for those times that I was out alone shopping, had a brilliant idea and could call Nat to tell him!!!!! So after Nat and I did all of the stores that sold cell phones, asking a gazillion questions, we decided on what we think is a pretty good deal and made the plunge. We gave up our old cell phone a few years back – after all we struggled to use it, and had purchased it originally for when I was on the transplant list and was waiting for The Call!!! So now I feel a little more secure that I at least can reach out and touch someone whenever I want!!

During our trek around the Pen, Nat and I took time out to look at “the idea” we had for Tyler’s 21st birthday – I wanted a man’s opinion. We found a couple of really good ones in advance of Gail, Bonnie and I going to the Pen on Monday.

Nat made golfing plans for Monday morning and I planned to go with Gail and Bonnie – both forgetting that the gas man was coming to install a new gas meter. As I had been all over the Pen the day before, I felt it best that I stay home and keep off of my foot. So I told Gail and Bonnie where to go (not literally, but physically), told them what we found and if they decided to go somewhere else, to certainly give me a call and they could come by later.

Turns out they were successful, even picked out what Nat and I had found and then came by in the afternoon and asked if I would wrap the item. No problem, love to do it, have lots of time on my hands, can’t wait – the whole bit!! So we had a great visit and even picked Gail’s brain for some archiving information and then both of their brains for finishing off the display rack that Nat has built for my stick pin collection. They both had great ideas. Plus we even made great headway regarding the gift for Dalton’s RCMP ceremonies in September. They asked if I would design the card to accompany the gift – again, no problem, love to do it, have lots of time on my hands, can’t wait!!

So on Monday I got lots of archiving done and am now in the home stretch. All in all lit was a very good day!


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