Ahhh, Spending Money Feels So Good

Three guesses where Nat was today – yepper another golf game. One of his tournaments, and boy he sure had a perfect day for it. So, Bonnie and I went shopping!!! Down to the Square just for a couple of hours and then do the lunch thing, but we had a great time. Naturally found more than I wanted or even needed, but in my defence I’ve not been out shopping since “you know what” acted up, so I was about due to drop a few Twoonies!!! Even Bonnie walked away with a bag or two in her hands. From what she says Gail is going to get on her case, but I told her she can use me as an excuse. We’re suppose to be saving up those Twoonies for our proposed trip to Regina in September. Money being a little tight for all of us right now, we should be more disciplined. Yeah, right!! Let’s get real, put any one of us in a shopping mall and I can bet you the farm one of us will walk out with a bag in hand!!! Anyways, I’m now good for a week or two!!

Nat at least had a half decent game. Not sure if he was “in the money”, but he’s been surprised before. He’ll know soon enough once they calculate the scores. This tournament was “each man for himself”. Keeping our fingers crossed!!

Finally the rains came just before supper time. Hopefully it will keep falling over night and the grass will grow, the flowers will bloom and all will be right with the world again!!!

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