I Think He Forgot About Me

Okay, I’m now officially bloody bored!!! Been keeping the foot elevated as much as I can, and the swelling has been going down, but as soon as I get a “little” active it blows up again!! Frustrating, aggravating and Yes, I know – a minor inconvenience compared to other things in life!! 

One good thing – I’m getting more of the archiving done. Now well into the Rouse side and am making pretty good headway, but there are some years that are kind of iffy as to the dates. Would love to get some copies of old photos I’m sure dear brother, Clair, may have – but he’s never responded to my email asking for an old photo of himself taken in 1952. I’m sure he’s long forgotten the request, so I’ll leave it for now.

Our nephew is graduating from RCMP Academy in September – so four of us Rouse girls have decided to drive out for the ceremonies. Will make it a “Girls’ Trip” and I’m sure it’ll be loads of laughs. I still remember when four of us gals went to Corning, New York for a weekend. Great fun and terrific shopping!!! Having only driven through Regina in my past travels, I’ve never had the chance to look around. So I’m really looking forward to this trip (I love to travel anywhere I can) and to the ceremonies. Will have to remember to bring lots of tissue – we old gals get weepy at such things, don’t ya know !!!

Have missed a couple of Lucas’ baseball games because of this foot – he won one and lost another. But Nat went to watch and I sent along some cookies for him after the game. He always works up an appetite and besides Grandmas can do that.

Nat phoned Susan in Florida yesterday. Turns out they didn’t do Nashville, but managed to get to Memphis and see Graceland. Then they headed onto Orlando and landed a day early, but were still able to get into the house they rented. So far they’ve been having a great time and the weather has been pretty good. Can’t wait until they get home to hear the stories from Felicia and Bridget and see the scads of photos Susan is known for taking. Bless her heart, her kids’ lives are the best documented in Canada and perhaps North America!! Every photograph a memory!

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