Going to Graceland, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee

Been laid up with the broken toe the past few days and it’s starting to get a little boring. I thought the swelling was going down, as it was looking pretty good this morning – so I decided to bake a couple kinds of cookies. My first mistake was assuming the swelling had gone down completely!! My second mistake was continuing on with the baking!! 

I stuck to it despite the blood rushing down “south” and giving me some choice words to repeat over and over in my mind!! I sat down in between baking “shifts” – 10 minutes a pop – and managed to get the chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies made. We were right out and Nat likes to have some with his tea at noon. Plus they’re a nice munchie for me when I’m listening to podcasts and archiving photos.

Nat is on his way down to watch Lucas play ball tonight. I decided to stay home and keep the old foot elevated after abusing it today – as we also made a trip to Beamsville to water the flowers at Mom and Dad’s gravesite. Man it’s a scorcher out there today!!!! Surprised the geraniums were still holding up their little heads!!!

Nat’s got a golf game lined up for tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll get back to the archiving. Discovered I made a major screw-up and forgot to scan quite a few pictures from the 1940’s. So I have to go back and see what’s missing and see how I can fit them in. Serves me right for leaving it for so long. At least I’ll be able to keep the old foot rested on top of the paper shredder/waste basket while I’m working away.

Nat and I are also thinking of Susan, Tom and the kids. They left for Orlando this past Saturday and have planned a side trip to Nashville and Memphis. Bridget has become a major Elvis fan and they thought they would surprise her by going to Graceland for a day. Having been myself, I’m quite excited for Bridget, as I know she’ll get the biggest thrill out of it. Too bad they didn’t have a laptop as it would have been real handy to email back and forth to see how they’re doing. Nat and I are to the point where we can’t travel without ours. It’s so nice to just reach out and touch someone!!!


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