It’s Just Too Delicious

With Nat playing golf today, Gail thought she’d come over and we’d go through the archived photos and make the corrections she got while in Britain. Some of the captions from the original photos were wrong and we want to set the record straight for posterity. But, she phoned and due to an “old war wound”I told her to stay home and get some rest. As it turned out, my foot is still swollen and I’m part of the “walking wounded” myself. 

So it turned out to be a long quiet day. I got caught up on my podcasts and re-designed the cover for the archived photo DVD. Can’t seem to make up my mind which way to go, so at least now I have a couple of designs I can choose from. I’m also trying to get our long-play records recorded into our Delicious Library program for inventory sake. Having completed our CDs, DVDs, 45’s and cassette tapes, the albums are the last of it. Loving that program!!!

It’s been difficult to keep my foot up and rested. The swelling came down last night as I was keeping it elevated while watching television. But then it came back this morning as I was trying to get a couple of chores done before Gaile came. Having a doctor’s appointment tomorrow (seeing a specialist on an unrelated issue) I guess I’ll stop in at the emergency department of the hospital on my way home. As Nat has his regular golf game tomorrow and I won’t be home in time with the Van, Bonnie is going to take me. So I’ll treat her to lunch and maybe we can make a fun day out of it!!!!

The best part of the day was having supper on the back patio with Nat. He, at least, had a great game and for that I’m glad. Good things do come to those who wait!

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