Rest in Peace, Fred

Busy past few days. Karly’s 14th birthday Sunday evening and had a nice time as usual. She received everything she wanted – iPod, digital camera and a cell phone. So she’s all set now for high school. 

Then attended her graduation ceremony last night. Along with her diploma she also received an award, which she didn’t know about so it was a nice surprise. She and her classmates looked all grown-up in their glamorous dresses, suits and ties. The ceremony was held in a Church with no air-conditioning, but everyone soldiered on and little brother, Lucas, had a baseball game so it might have been a small blessing that he didn’t have to attend. I’m sure little brother is proud of older sister, but let’s be honest – it’s not the first place he’d pick to go on a Monday evening!!

On a sadder side, went to Fred Legg’s funeral with Claudia this morning. Her former boss died of heart failure after struggling with Multiple Sclerosis for over 25 years. The service was very humbling as we heard how he never got mad, never complained and apparently had a wonderful sense of humour about the whole affair. I went for the sake of Claudia, to keep her company, but I also knew that some people would be there that I would know. Fred played bridge with my former boss of close to 20 years and not having seen Peter in quite sometime it was only fitting that I paid my respects. Claudia held up very well until Fred’s 6 year old grandson read a poem. No one can keep the tears back when any grandson reads a poem for his grandfather.

It just happened to be the hottest day of the year so far, hovering above 30 degrees Celsius, and the Church being packed, it was a struggle near the end to keep yourself fanned by the program.

So since it’s a humdinger of a hot day, Nat and I are going to stay close to home – well, in fact, IN home for the rest of the day. Don’t need to sweat the small stuff!!!


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