Not So Much Fun Shopping This Time

Headed off to Sherway Gardens with Claudia and Bonnie yesterday. Another one of those things in life one has to deal with as one gets older – attending a funeral. A good friend of our Mother’s and an eventual boss to Claudia in the insurance industry, passed away from Multiple Sclerosis. Only 68. Funeral is on Tuesday and she needed to get something more up-to-date than what’s in her closet now. Naturally, we had no luck, as you always see everything you want just when you don’t need it. But when you need it, you can’t find it!!! So she said she would check Walden Galleria in Buffalo and hopefully find something before the funeral. 

We had a nice time despite the circumstances. Lunched at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant. Quite nice actually and really good corn beef on rye. Three sisters getting caught up on the daily rumours, gossip and family stories. Sounds like Tyler (Claudia’s only boy) is having a blast at Queen’s University. Hope he’s at least learning something besides how to “partay”. He’s a good kid, so says his old Aunt!!!

Been down to see the Irwin’s this afternoon. Zach’s birthday today and I wanted to give him his gift before we headed off to the Revill home for Karly’s birthday and graduation party. Started getting him the Harry Potter movies. He’s up to two now, and so far he’s enjoying them. Being a sports kind of guy, I wasn’t sure whether he would like them. So far so good!! Also bought him a book about Benjamin and his adventures in wizardry. Really glad to hear he likes to read. As they say, the more you read the more you know!!!

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