Lay Off The Jackhammer, Willya!!!

Had the City help me with my housework today. Nice treat, trust me!! 

All started when we returned from Florida in March and our water pipes were frozen. Apparently there was a real good deep freeze while we were away. (Coming home after a long and somewhat boring trip, to frozen water pipes is another story for another day.) So while the Water Department was thawing the pipes they discovered that the valve in the driveway needed repair. Said they’d be back in the Spring to repair it – and, sure enough, the second day of Summer they showed up. Nat was understandably concerned as they were about to dig up one of the squares of a very well laid driveway that we share with our good neighbour, Nick.

Around about noon a crew arrived, sat a spell on the front curb and waited for certain machinery to show up. Shortly thereafter the cutting machine arrived and then the concrete dust began to fly. The operator had to cut the square out of the driveway in order to reach the rest of the valve. Over the lawn, into our other neighbours yard, onto the front porch, into the sideyard and around through the kitchen window. Nat and I had made our lunch, so we sat down and watched the goings-on while we ate. Not much we could do at this point but sit and watch!

Then they backed the jackhammer into the driveway and away it went. The house began to shake and the glasses began to rattle. Next came the backhoe to pick up those huge chunks of concrete along with the dump truck to dump it in. The crew also began to dig out small bits of debris in and around the old valve in order to remove and replace the same. “Okay, Men, take ‘er away!!”

Suddenly there was a lull. As soon as the old valve was replaced with a shiny new black one, the crew took off to grab a bite to eat themselves. They deserved it – that was a lot of vibrating and sweat!! But wait, what about that hole in our driveway? Not to worry, after a quick bite, here comes that dump truck back with a load of tiny stones and even more debris!!! Can’t complain – they filled in that hole. But NOOOOOO, we’re not finished yet, are we????

Now here comes the tampering machine!!!! (Have you ever heard a tampering machine? If not, count yourself lucky. If you didn’t have a headache before this thing arrived, you’d have one afterwards!!) So now by this time I had completed the dusting. I was just getting ready to vacuum, but what was that Thud, Thump, Thud, Thump I could hear and feel? The floor was vibrating so well it felt like a foot massage, and Good Lord, the dust was just a jumpin’ out of the carpet as fast as I could vacuum it up.

Ahhhh, finally peace and quiet. They left as quickly as they arrived. Couldn’t have dusted and vacuumed so thoroughly without you City Crew. I’ve never had such a more exciting time while cleaning!! So hats off to a job well done – both inside and out I might add!!

Can’t wait until the concrete crew arrive in a few months to replace the now missing square. Let’s see what kind of equipment these guys have!!!!

On a whole other note, Nat and I went to watch Felicia play soccer last night. Poor kid, had been in Toronto all day with a school trip – went to the Museum, Ontario Science Centre and more. Just arrived home in time to rush off to the game. She was so tired, plus her allergies were acting up and to make things worse, her ankle and knee were hurting. We could tell as we watched her two wee little legs run across the pitch. We had to leave early as Nat was feeling a bit woosey himself, so we passed by the Team bench, gave her a big kiss and wished her well. Don’t know the results yet, but they were behind by a goal when we left.

While watching the game, Bridget found a new pal. One of the other parents had a Golden Retriever pup named “Molson Golden”. Bridget is a true animal lover. Dolphins being her favourite, but if it has four legs and a tail, can fly or swim, Bridget will want to take it home. James Herriott would be proud!!

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