Oh God, She Took Over 900 Pictures!!!!

Gail had a desert party last night – I guess she had to entice us to her place to look at her 900+ photos of Britain. We would have gone anyways, but the goodies were nice. She certainly captured some beautiful shots of the countryside in and around Devon and Cornwall. It was especially nice to see pictures of the relatives on the “other side of the pond”. It also sounds like Gail and Beth really enjoyed themselves, and (to quote someone famous) “it’s a good thing”.

Had my “golf widow afternoon” today. Also baked a couple of pound cakes for Michele, if she wants them. I also downloaded and watched the interview with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Pretty interesting stuff even though some of it was a bit “techie” even for me! Can’t wait for the Leopard O/S to come out. I’d really like to replace the laptop (now running Windows) with another Mac. So we’ll start saving our Loonies and see how far we get. After all, what’s a buck or two!

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