That Boy’s Got A Mean Streak!

Had a good time watching Lucas’ baseball game last night. They lost by one run, but a really fast and well-played game. One youngster on the team has one mean temper, baby!!! He can toss that helmet as far as they can toss the ball!!! Last night he tossed that helmet right into the players dugout and almost zonked a teammate right on the ole’ bean. Was told by the Coach not to show up for tonight’s game. Too hard on himself and makes it tough for the rest of the team. 

Finally got some chocolate chip cookies made and in the freezer. Also managed to make some Nutty Shortbread bars for tonight. Going to Gail’s later to look at her photos from her trip to Britain. Will take some cookies for Zach and Zoe as we’ve not seen them in some time. Zach has been busy with his school and ball hockey team, and Zoe – well Zoe is always busy. That girl has places to go and people to see!!!

Usual trip to Costco this afternoon. This is our “wet” run – where we need steaks, chicken, fish and the like. Our “dry” run will come next time – where we’ll need paper towels, toilet tissue, kleenex, etc. No matter how you work your “runs”, there’s always a Price to pay!!!

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