What’d I Miss?

Shawn, Laura, Karly and Lucas were here Sunday morning for Father’s Day. Had a great visit. Lucas brings his Nintendo games and hangs out in the spare room playing. He was so involved this time, he never knew we were serving homemade cookies in the living room!! He finally came up for a breath and grabbed some before they left. Karly was in the process of getting packed for her week at camp. Sounds like they have a great time and she was recalling all of the scrapes, scratches and even a bee sting she received last year. She’ll be home just in time to get ready for her birthday and then graduation ceremonies, so she’s going to be a busy girl this week. 

Nat and I headed off to the garden centre, finally, today. Bought some salmon-coloured geraniums for the pots that line the back patio, and different coloured Portulaca for beneath the tree. Going to look really good when they get going. Nat was just a-sweating when he came in from planting – it’s another scorcher out there today. So for a break this afternoon he’s wandering around Canadian Tire to see what’s new. He’s had a busy few days himself and deserves to have a little “quiet time” at Canadian Tire!!

As for myself, after baking some Nutty Shortbread Bars, I’m now getting caught up in our little office. Listening to some podcasts that have been neglected for a day or two and watching some new ones. Found some great interviews from “The Hour” and am enjoying those. Some of the interviews are very interesting and leave you wanting more. Take what you can get and enjoy what you’ve got!!

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