Too Many – Just Dump Them!

Went to watch Lucas play ball again last night. They lost by a couple of runs, but it was a good game. Lucas pitched a couple of innings and then played short-stop and second base. Really can’t get over how good these guys are – all around the ages of 10 years old – and they can whack that ball a mile!! It’s nice that Lucas really enjoys playing and we certainly enjoy watching his games.

Couldn’t take any pictures of last night’s game, as my camera couldn’t read the memory card. When hooking it up this morning it turns out something is wrong with the card – went phooey, I guess!! So I popped in the little 256 card to get me by until I can get another 1 or 2 GB card. I suppose I should get a spare just in case this happens again. Not sure what went wrong, as the last thing I did was format the card. I wanted to get rid of a whack of pictures I took of our little yellow Finch that are feeding in our backyard. Oh well, par for the course!!! 

Looking forward to Felicia’s soccer game on the 21st.

Forgot to mention that we went to see Gail after her trip to Britain. She took over 900 photos and daughter, Liz, took even more!!! Needless to say when we went out to her place (4 days after arriving home) she was still processing those pictures!!! From what we could see she got some great shots and can’t wait to see highlights. Should remember to tell her to dump them onto CDs, make extra copies and then distribute those copies. Would make it a hell of a lot easier for the rest of us to go through them all!! At least we could do it at our leisure.


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