Too Rich For MY Blood

Couldn’t have been a more perfect day! The weather was perfect, our day was leisurely and not a care in the world. WELL, except we made the mistake of going for a drive to look at some Open Houses in Ridgeway and Fort Erie. Big mistake to say the least!! The first Open House was an adult lifestyle community. I get the feeling they’re looking for some of those rich Torontonians, as the houses were upscale, huge and stunning!!! Just a wee bit out of our price range – but God they were nice to look at!! 

The other Open Houses were further down the road – a little closer to our price range, but just enough out of reach to make us a bit jealous and disappointed that we couldn’t swing it. Nice, roomy and open concept, just the way Nat and I like it. Oh well, when donkeys fly and our lotto tickets come in!!!!!

We didn’t regret the drive – it was a great day for it. Plus this morning we sat out on the patio, did the Saturday crosswords, ate our lunch out there and then after our drive had our supper out there. That’s the first time we’ve done that in ages. So back to the grindstone tomorrow – same old, same old!


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