Two Packs A Day – Gone Forever

Another day of being a golf widow! If I’m really studious I’ll get back to the archiving. I’ve gotten very behind. 

Had to go to St. Joseph’s for breathing tests – a follow-up on my annual check-up. They want to see what damage, if any, was done after 33 years of smoking. Hearing it had been 33 years alone was enough to give me some grey hairs. Having to quit before my kidney transplant, I decided to just go “cold turkey” and was quite proud of myself for doing so. After all these years, however, no one has ever really tested my lung power to see how things were going. This new Doctor at St. Joseph’s is definitely up-to-date and looks like he’ll make sure everything is running smoothly. Plus, he’s young, good-humoured and good looking. Nothing wrong with that!!!

The test itself took about 45 minutes, but just going to Hamilton puts a real dent in our day. We usually get nothing else done and the day ends up being a bit of a write-off. So I’m making up for things today while Nat is off to the golf course.

Went to watch Lucas play baseball with his new team this year. The little guys really good. He started off pitching and he looked like a real pro. The stance, the wind-up and the pitch were, from my point of view, very professional looking and I managed to get a few good photos. Papa Nat and I are very proud.

Now we’re off on the 21st to see Felicia play with her new soccer team. She too is playing with a “traveling” team and is off to parts unknown. We’ll only be able to catch her home games, as her away games involve overnight stays. She’s been so busy with school and soccer that we hardly see her or her sister, Bridget anymore. In fact all 4 grandchildren are rarely seen. They’re all growing up and getting involved in their own activities!

Karly is graduating Grade 8 this month and we’ll be going to the ceremony. Have no idea where that time went!!! She’s grown up into a beautiful young woman with definite ideas of her own. It’s getting so we never see her much anymore, she’s busy with her own social life now. So we’ll take whatever visits we can get.

Going to bake more cookies today – Nat may need some when he gets home. His game yesterday was terrible, so he may need a little TLC if he has another bad game! Let’s all keep the faith, shall we!


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