A Shiny New Cabinet!

Had planned to get some more archiving done today, but received an email from Bonnie. Long story short, we went to the Wal-Mart in Fort Erie this afternoon. Nat was off golfing again, and being a nice day, I couldn’t resist. Had a great time. She found a pot for her plant, an edger for her garden and I managed to find some replacement dish towels, hand towels and the like. Not exactly what she went for, but still the trip wasn’t a wasted one. Also dropped by the Rose Hill Auction place on the way home, as she had never been in there, and it’s always interesting to see what they’ve got. She was very pleasantly surprised at the amount of furniture and other items that are beyond those doors. As always we had a good time. Nat finished the CD cabinet yesterday and we were busy getting the old stereo disconnected, the new unit upstairs and all of our CDs organized. Had a busy, but nice day and personally I think the new cabinet looks great. I’m posting a picture for those who only come by at Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas!!  

Nat’s golf game yesterday was so good, he was looking forward to this afternoon’s game. But alas, the good shots were short lived. His round today wasn’t what he had hoped for. The season is just getting started and there’ll be plenty more good rounds, I’m sure. His foursome won $50.00 each at the tournament on Saturday, so he at least came out ahead.


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