Little Buggers and Broken Glass

Well, Nat had a good round of golf yesterday. Won some money so he says, but not sure how much yet. His foursome almost won the tournament, except for one blunder. Too bad, I was so looking forward to displaying another golf trophy!!! Oh well, there’s always the tournament next month!!

Been bothered with some buggy bugs at our back windows during these past few days. Don’t know where they’re coming from yet and they’re driving me nuts!!!! Can’t open the windows to let that gorgeous breeze in – those bloody little pests can get through the screens. They’re everywhere – they’re everywhere!!! Waiting for a good rain to hopefully drown the little buggers.

Got the usual chores done this morning. Nat was up early to go across the River to get gas and so I got up a little earlier than usual. You can get a lot done getting up early, eh!!

Almost forgot to mention the nice time Bonnie and I had at the Thorold Craft Show yesterday. She managed to buy a really cute hat – funky and yet stylish!! We then ventured on to Swiss Chalet and did the lunch thing, and then over to HomeSense where I managed to drop a buck or two!!! Found a good deal on drinking glasses, so I grabbed 10 of them at $2.00 each. Alas, however, while trying to get those bloody price tags off, and getting them washed, someone I love dearly managed to break one!! And then there were 9!! Bonnie then joined us for a delicious fish and chip supper. All in all a nice day!!

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