We’re Bored!

Nat’s off to another golf tournament this morning – 3 in a row this week. He’s having a great time!! So I think I’ll take off for parts unknown – despite the fact that Nat has the van!!! I’ll get Bonnie to go to the Thorold Craft Show. After all it’s a gorgeous day and I need to get out of the house before I go strange!! I also think that Thorold can classify as “parts unknown”, at least to me. I don’t go there much!

With the hockey play-offs not on for a day or two, Nat and I have been kind of bored with television. So we decided to watch a little known movie I bought awhile back. “The Man Who Sued God” stars Billy Connolly and was quite surprisingly good. After quiting the insurance business, the main character decides to sue God after his fishing boat was struck by lightning and the insurance company won’t cover his losses claiming that it was an “act of God”. The movie contains some compelling arguments, beautiful scenery and is also funny. If you can find it, watch it. I’m going to ask Claudia if she wants to borrow our copy, as being in the insurance industry I think she may find it fun.

We also watched “The Queen” last night. Another movie with some interesting perspectives and we found it quite good. Helen Mirren was really convincing as Her Majesty!!

The archiving has been put on the back shelf for a day or two. Got a little tired of it.

Nat’s CD cabinet is also coming along really nice. He now has it stained and it’s in the garage drying. He, naturally, see flaws, but I think it’s turned out great. I’m anxious to get it upstairs and all of our CDs put away.



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