In The Early Morning Sun

Got up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Had my hot walk – just a bit warm out there, eh!! Then back home and checked in on Nat in the garage. He’s having a bit of trouble with one door on the cabinet. Seems the hinges aren’t doing what they’re suppose to – keep that door straight. So he’s had to do some tweaking, but I think he’s got it. It really is coming along nicely. Will have to post a picture once it’s done.

So, then I’m off to Chapters to look for a new book coming out – “The Perfect Thing” by Stephen Levy, the story of the iPod. Alas, it’s not in the Store yet, but I’ll check online. Sometimes online has it faster. Did manage, however, to get a couple of books – a birthday gift for a “little” one in my life, and one for me on Blogging.

This afternoon I’m back in the office. Trying to get this Blog organized and would really like to see how I could get it posted to a web site. Going to have to get a domain name, so I’ll see what that entails. Would help if I read the bloody book I just bought!!! Personally, I’m having a good time – it’s certainly an educational thing!!!

Getting anxious to hear from Gail and Liz in England. Really curious how their trip is going.

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